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Over $7,000 in Door Prizes at Online Dyslexia Conference!
A Symbol for Dyslexia that Gives Back
Stuck in the Maze: An 8th Grader's Dyslexia Plea
Don't Let a Disability Hold You Back - Tips for Visiting a Colleg
Eagle Scout Inspired by Max Brooks' Speech at Dyslexia Conference
Dyslexia Tutor Spotlight: From Educator to Teacher-Trainer, Janic
Educator Turned Dyslexia Advocate: Interview with Barbara Steinbe
Students with Dyslexia or Blindness Read Over 1.5 Million Pages t
Malcolm Mitchell teams up with Learning Ally to encourage summer
NFL Wide Receiver Malcolm Mitchell and Learning Ally Team Up to T
R.L. Stine Gets Goosebumps Learning About Audiobooks and Dyslexia
Roald Dahl, the BFG and Dyslexia
Why I Give: The Deep Satisfaction of Making Reading Accessible
Writing an IEP for Dyslexia Based on Strengths as well as Weaknes
New to the Learning Ally Audiobook Library for Summer 2016
To Dog or Not to Dog - That is the Question
Learning Ally Gives Me Chills! Dyslexia & Blindness Awareness Mon
Honoring of the Life of Robert Propoggio, Friend to Learning Ally
Tips for Starting a New College Semester When You're Blind / Visu
11 Year Old Dyslexic Girl Finds Oasis in Books; Gives Back to Oth
Run for Ear Reading - Join Learning Ally's Steps for Success
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Learning Ally Announces College Success Program for Blind and Vis
Confessions of a Teacher: I No Longer Hide My Dyslexia
Specialist of the Month: Dr. Melyssa Higgins, Licensed Psychologi
Gaining Independence as a College Student who is Blind
Tom and Bette McNeely: Supporters and Vehicle Donors
Learning Ally Launches a Summer Reading Contest for Students With
A summer reading program for students who read differently
Learning Ally Launches a Summer Reading Program for Students who
Metuchen, New Jersey student wins National Achievement Award
Learning Ally's Rich History Honoring Veterans
End of School Year Challenge: Tell Me Something Good!
Two Boston College freshmen have been recognized by a national no
Nonprofit Teaches Students with Dyslexia Through Audiobooks
Lafayette native with dyslexia wins national award; aims to erase
Newark Public Schools Celebrates District’s Big Win In National e
Tutor of the Month: Rachel Herman
Dr. Richard Selznick: Specialist of the Month
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Learning Ally Launches a Summer Reading Program for Students who
Grade Schoolers Take Trip to Recording Studio
Embracing Accommodations to Thrive in College with Severe Dyslexi
How Dyslexia Education Changed a Young Boy's Entire School Experi
Skye Malik Wins National Achievement Award
Volunteer Spotlight: Actress Mojena Talien
Why I Give: A judge who is blind looks back on a lifetime of lear
7 Ways to Empower Children Who Have Dyslexia - Foster the Gifts!
When Reading Doesn't Click
From Our Volunteers to Students' Ears in Record Time
Parent Chat: What Accommodations are Typical for a 2nd Grader wi
No One Ever Says "I Hate Stories."
Professional Voice Actors Volunteer for Learning Ally
Five Awesome Online Author Chats
Author Gary Karton Talks Dyslexia, Strengths and Spirit Animals
When someone says: "Your kids have dyslexia? But they seem so sma
Parent Dyslexia Blog: When Other Kids are Reading "Big" Books ...
Schools Across the Country Read More with Learning Ally
13 Books to Read Before They Hit Theaters
Read It Before You See It: Upcoming Books-to-Movies
"Keys to a Bigger, Better World"
Online Athens: Athens Volunteer Spent 50 Years Recording Books fo
Learning Ally Helps Teachers Manage and Maximize Audiobook Resour
Worth the Sweat and Tears
My Dad's Vision Loss Inspires Me to Give Back
Giving in Honor of My High School Teacher Who Taught Me to Love R
Why I Volunteer: The Giving Heart of a Retired Nurse
6 Must Read Tween/Teen Books Before They Become Movies
Gut Instincts: Parents are almost always right about their childr
All I Can Do Is Try: My Dyslexia Mantra
When a Child Struggles, Teachers Worry Too
Perseverance: A High School Senior's Dyslexia Story
4 Reasons Struggling Students May Excel in Professional Leadershi
Kristen vs "The Blind Girl" - Pride and Asking for Help
The Importance of Reaching Out: Advice for New College Students
A 12-Year-Old's Story: Dyslexia Won't Hold Me Back
A Mom's View: This is what dyslexia looks like .....
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Grow Your Students' Vocabulary and Comprehension with Summer Read
Four Amazing Educator Audiobook Pinterest Boards
Our Volunteers Turn Words into Magic
College Success Program: Working with Your Disabilities Office, P
Confessions of an Advocating Mom: To them she's one of many. To m
Theater, a Microphone, and a Gift of Giving Back
From Struggling Reader to Neuropsychologist: Dr John Mather Offer
When Students with Dyslexia Access Reading, It's a Superpower!
Sage Advice from a Long Time Learning Ally Member
Why I Give: Growing Up With Undiagnosed Dyslexia
Tutor Spotlight: Heidi Thorstad, Dyslexia Specialist
Specialist Spotlight: Dawn Philbin, Speech Language Pathologist
Pintastic Teacher Appreciation Contest
5 Ways to Use Audiobooks in the Classroom to Help Struggling Read
Tips for Transitioning to Off-Campus Housing when You're Blind/Vi
Parent Chat: Should My Child With Reading Struggles Repeat a Grad
Apply for a College Scholarship Specifically for Learning Ally Me
Giving Blind and Visually Impaired High Schoolers a Head Start on
Mastering Your Own College Education: Study Tips for Students Who
Mindful Teaching of Reading and Spelling:  Four Facts and One Edu
How a Chance Summer Dyslexia Training Changed a Teacher's Life
Tips for Selecting a College that Will Work For You As a Blind/Vi
3 Keys to Helping Struggling Readers Succeed
Thank you, Mom: From Struggling Reader to Learning Ally Volunteer
Do Online Reading Tutoring Programs Really Work?
Retired Austin Professor Gives the Gift of Reading
Across two Novembers: An Interview with a Blind Bibliophile
Using Cloud Technology to Meet Special Education Needs
Dorm Trials: How Living on My Own Taught Me to Socialize
Back to School with Dyslexia: Five Tips for Parents and Students
Growing the Gifts of STEM for Children with Dyslexia
10 Things a Parent to a Child with Dyslexia Wishes You Understood
Teachers, your words help make or break our kids. Be gentle.
Join Us for Spotlight on Dyslexia - A Virtual Conference
The Power of Self-Advocacy for Children with Dyslexia
A Voice of Hope for the Puzzle Children
"Dee-Lexia is a little bit good."
Family history of dyslexia? No, not us. Wait, what. . . ?
Disney Magic Heals Unseen Wounds
Confession: My Child Has Dyslexia
Webinar: Optimize Your Child’s IEP Through Structured Collaborati
5 Quick Tips for Organizing your IEP Binder
Honoring the Memory of our Colleague, Our Friend: Lissa True
Dyslexia - a Disability or a Difference?
Youth Dyslexia Advocacy Camp Evokes Powerful Voices in Washington
Meet Nicole Vella, OG Tutor - Our Specialist of the Month
The Great Dyslexia Balancing Act -- Ear Reading vs Eye Reading
Video Blog: Swimming with the Sharks for Dyslexia Awareness
Webinar for Aspiring Writers & Their Parents
Will dyslexia exclude a person from joining the U.S. military?
Singer Carly Simon Gives Advice to Young Kids Who Have Dyslexia
Tips for Blind College Students on Working with Your Professors
Video Blog Day 1: Swimming with the Sharks for Dyslexia
Webinar "High School Dropout to Harvard" on July 14th.
Spotlight on Dyslexia Keynote Contest
Teaching About Failure Is Not Just an Option -- It's a Necessity
The Incredible Impact of Our Volunteers
The Disability Services Office is a Tool, Not a Crutch
Professional Voice-Over Artist to Host Webinars for Learning Ally
5 Tips to Ease Back to School Anxiety for Students who have Dysle
The Right and Wrong Ways to Communicate with Professors as a Blin
Jurassic Dreams Bigger than Dinosaurs
Enter Dexter the Dyslexian. . .
In a 9th Grader's Own Words: School Experiences with Dyslexia
"The Test Score May Not Be Representative of Student's Ability."
What a Test Doesn't Measure
Having Fun with Life: Turning Negatives into Positives
School’s Out for Summer: Time to Find a Job!
The DNA of Decoding Dyslexia
Dyslexia Parent Blog: Why I left my school.
Redefine Yourself in College
What a Successful Public School Dyslexia Program Looks Like
Honoring Mothers of Children who Learn Differently
Prepare for College: Partner with the DSO
Making Connections as a Student Who Is Blind
2e Children: How to See the Invisible
Prepare for College: Technology
Teacher Appreciation Week - We Need Your Help!
Teachers Trailblazing the Path to Help Struggling Readers
Inside View - A Teacher's Courage Trying to Help her Dyslexic Dau
Volunteer Spotlight: Rowena Portch
Learning Ally Honors Outstanding Teachers of Students with Print
The Secret to College Success for Students Who Are Blind
Blind Ph.D. Student Has a Message for Learning Ally Volunteers
Profile of Success: Carl R. Augusto, President of the American Fo
Building and Maintaining Resilience for Students Who Are Blind
Don’t be Intimidated: Asking Questions in Class as a Blind Studen
Apply for Learning Ally College Scholarship for Blind or Visually
Helping College Students Who Are Blind or Visually Impaired Succe
Experience the Power of Self-Advocacy at Our National Achievement
The Power of Diverse Learners - Join Us on Twitter October 27th 8
The New Social Worker: Student Role Model
Blind Movie-Goer's Insightful Review of "12 Years a Slave"
Learning Ally Teams with Wounded Warrior Project to Empower Veter
Students with Disabilities Can Launch Their Career with a NASA In
Blind Graduate Student Aspires to Help Fellow Students with Disab
Blind IUPUI graduate, 47, wins National Academic Award
Blind Teacher Knows No Limits
The Blind Leading the Wined
Best Selling Outlander Author, Diana Gabaldon, Was a Volunteer Re
Learning Ally Students Read 20 Million Pages This School Year!
Summer Reading Together Home Edition
Ready, Set, READ! Join Our Summer Reading Together Social Media C
Nancy Hennessy M.Ed. to Speak at AIM Academy’s Research to Practi
Inspiration for Students Who Have Dyslexia Found in Unexpected Pl
Snuggle Up with These Great Audiobooks Sorted by Grade Level
How One Teacher Transformed Dyslexia Education in a Georgia Town
10 Spooky Books to Scare You Silly on Halloween
Self-Esteem and Dyslexia - A Light Bulb Moment
Advocacy in Action: Wear RED on October 15th for Dyslexia Awarene
Webinar: The Who, What, When and Why of Reading Instruction
If you Can Read… You Can Learn Anything!”
Dyslexia Awareness Audiobook Selections for All Readers
Teaching Literacy Through Skill Building Exercises
Girl Scouts Goes for the Gold with Assistive Technology
YES! Top Secrets: New Jersey Event for Students Who Have Dyslexia
Learning Ally's Essential Solution
The Big Five Supplemental Resources
Reading Success: Integrating Spelling and Writing
#SRT18 Home Edition Winners
Voice Over Volunteer with Dyslexia Shares her Talents
#GreatReadPBS and Audiobooks
Why We Advocate for our Children with Dyslexia
Join our National Student Success Celebration in Denver, Colorado
NFL Rookie on a Mission to Help Struggling Readers
Parent Empowerment Zone: Advocacy is Essential
What a 10 Year Old with Dyslexia Wants the World to Know - Unedit
Great Start Audiobooks Grades 9-12
Great Start Audiobooks Grades 6-8
Great Start Audiobooks Grades K-5
Audiobooks to Movies: Christopher Robin
Subject Matter Continuity and Reading Comprehension
Congratulations to Dan Phillips, a Learning Ally California Educa
Learning Ally LINK Named Top Resource for Students with Learning
Learning Ally named as a Reading Accommodation in New California
Dear Stranger, my Guide Dog is a Representation of Me.
Your Summer Audiobook Adventure Starts Now!
A Plan to Battle the Summer Slide for Struggling Readers
The Positive Impact Reading Dogs Have on Education and Literacy
Happy Mother's Day to My Fellow Special Education Warrior Moms
Win BEATS in our July #SRT17 Summer Reading Social Media Challeng
Learning Ally Announces Improved Support for Educators
Motivation to Habit to Impact: Webinars for Learning Ally Educato
Webinar: Multi-Sensory Reading Comprehension Strategies
Nominate an Educator for a National "Excellence in Teaching" Awar
My Dyslexia Story -- by Holly, Age 9
Webinar: Summer Reading Together
Webinar: 9 Things You Didn't Know About LD College Students
Embracing All Learners: Building Mindsets and Skills for All Educ
Webinar: How to Make Audio a Killer App in the Classroom
Special Ed Teacher Observes Success in the Mainstream Classroom
New Ideas for Teachers Promote Collaboration
Why Summer Reading Is Important for Students with Reading Differe
Graduating 100 Percent College-Ready Students
Making a Teacher's Job Easier
Dyslexia Webinar: How to Make Sure the IEP is in Tip-Top Shape
Librarian Supports Students with Learning Ally Book Labels
Prepping for Advanced Placement Exams: Study Guides Available in
VOICEtext - Text Synched with Audiobooks Improves Reading
Susan Barton: Myths About Dyslexia
IDA's Knowledge and Practice Standards for Teachers of Reading
Webinar: Public Information & Public Health
VOICEtext: Syncing audiobook narration with text onscreen
Easier Access = More Success
Teacher Ally: Assisting Educators, Maximizing Student Reading Pro
Teaching the Teachers: Learning Ally's Professional Development W
Student Adventurer and Blogger “Commander Ben” Becomes Dyslexia A
Dyslexia: Insights and Solutions with Susan Barton
MasterChef Competitor Says Learning Ally Satisfies Hunger for Lit
"Our First Line of Defense"
What's in your backpack? Enter to WIN a Learning Ally Back-To-Sch
Easy Listening Makes for a Well-Researched Book
Filling "Holes" on the Printed Page
Mother-Son Duo on the Challenges of Dyslexia
Dedicated Supporter Helps Learning Ally Change Lives
Blind Food Critic with a Heart to Serve
Making Learning Easier
From Access to Accomplishment
A Passion for Accessibility
From Recording Booth to the Board Room
Ear Readers Completed Over 1 million Pages in Great Reading Games
< YES! (Youth Examples of Self Advocacy) Student-Driven Dyslexia Pr
Learning Ally’s “Science of Reading Engagement” Emphasizes Educa
Celebrate Recent Graduates by Giving the Gift of Reading
Celebrate Children's Book Week 2016 with Over 80K Audiobooks
It's Time to #ThankATeacher
Honor a Mother By Giving the Gift of Reading this Mother's Day
Georgetown Patch: U.S. Dyslexic Community Developing Positive Ide
Learning Ally Presents "The Big Picture: Rethinking Dyslexia" Roa
Get the Jump on Back-to-School Reading with These Top Tips
ALA Booklist Online: "Voices in My Head -- Accessible Audiobooks
To Proudly Declare: I Have Dyslexia
The Big Picture: A Webinar Conversation with Kyle Redford
Webinar for Parents: Know Your Rights
A Learning Ally For Students And Teachers
New Help and Hope for Dyslexics
Learning Ally: Past, Present and Future
Bat Mitzvah Project: Raising awareness for students with dyslexia
Great Reading Games vs. Winter Olympics
Coffee and Learning Ally Audiobooks
2017 Lone Star Reading List
The Joys and Perils of Guide Dogging
Learning Ally Produces Award Nominated Audiobooks
Five Back to School Tips for Parents of Struggling Readers
Putting California Dyslexia Guidelines Into Action
Black History and the Civil Rights Movement on Audiobooks
Winter Break Audiobook Reading Recommendations
Ear Reading Opens Doors for Students Who Have Dyslexia
Give Schools the Gift of ‘Reading to Learn” with Access to ‘Human
7 Tips to Support Struggling Readers in the Classroom
7-Tips on how to get through "Finals" week
Back to School with Audiobooks: Helping Struggling Readers Succee
Late Bloomer Finds Life's Color
Students with Dyslexia Celebrate the Power of Self Advocacy
When My Son Was Younger, I Was His Audiobook
Emily Daly Wins National Achievement Award
Auburn Stephenson Wins National Achievement Award
Wesley Brooks Wins National Achievement Award
Ashley Cwikla Wins National Achievement Award
Aleisa Myles Wins National Achievement Award
Learning Ally Launches YES! in Utah
“Five dollars to see Blind Boy tie his shoes!” -- The Inspiration
Denver to host Learning Ally’s National Achievement Awards and in
Learning Ally’s Blind and Dyslexic Scholars Overcome Barriers to
A Mother/Tutor's Gratitude
Learning Ally Teams with Best-selling Authors in National Reading
Archdiocese of Denver and Learning Ally announce expansion of ser
Keira's Experience of Dyslexia
Learning Ally Launches YES! in Massachusetts
Blinded Crash Survivor Rebounds in Education
From High School Failure to Aerospace Engineer
Taking on World War D: One on One With Max Brooks
An 11-Year Old Speaks About His Dyslexia Experience
Learning Ally named a “Reader’s Choice Top Product” by District
Learning Ally Launches National Online Dyslexia Conference for Pa
Learning Ally Calls on Congress to Include Literacy Program in Ne
Learning Ally forges partnerships with Denver school systems and
A Normal Dyslexic Day
"You literally saved my son's life..."
Boosting Student Outcomes in Ohio Classrooms with Audiobook Learn
A Historic Hearing on Dyslexia
Learning Ally Embraces YES! – a Groundbreaking Dyslexia Advocacy
A Young Artist with Dyslexia: The Story of Double D
Read the book, see the movie.
Tutor Highlight: Margaret Galloway
Specialist of the Month: Brian Wolff
Students in Florida Schools Are Learning to Love Reading
Letter from Our National Board Chair
Students with Dyslexia Visit Our Princeton Recording Studio
Volunteer Tip: Edit Points
Breathing New Life Into an Old Studio
Blind Student Has a Passion for Teaching
ABC 7News: Denver Schools Help Students Using Audiobook Technolog
How to Address Different Learning Styles with Multisensory Tutori
Educators and Literacy Experts from Across the Globe Unite for Hi
Laurie Cutting Ph.D. to Present at AIM Academy's Research to Prac
Steve Graham Ed.D. to Present at AIM Academy's Research to Practi
Ken Pugh Ph.D. to Present at AIM Academy’s Research to Practice S
Down-to-Earth Dyslexia Screening
Brett Miller Ph.D. to Present at AIM Academy's Research to Practi
AIM Academy and Learning Ally Bring Education and Literacy Leader
Speak with Our Experts
A Game to Remember
Author and Role Model
The ADA Turns 20
Drilling Deeper Into Oil's Impact
DAISY is the Ticket
Independence: Reclaiming Lost Time
Volunteers Help Blind Students Enjoy Reading
Supreme Court Unanimously Expands Reach of Special Education Righ
Waht If You Catn Reda? (What If You Can’t Read?) A Reporter Grapp
Another chapter in Malcolm Mitchell’s advocacy for children’s lit
New England Patriots WR Malcolm Mitchell's Stories Keep Getting B
Recording for the Blind & Dyslexic Launches National Record-A-Tho
No Fear of Flying
"They Dream of Today"
Los Angeles Sentinel: RFB&D Record-A-Thon
A Parent's Perspective
"Get Caught Listening"
The Power of Dyslexic Thinking
Dyslexic Child Embraces Words and Books
Working at My Own Pace