Transforming the Lives of Early and Struggling Learners

By understanding how each child learns, we empower educators to implement proven solutions at scale so that students can read, learn and achieve in school and in life.



Quick Wins for Reading Improvement

Our PreK-12 evidence-based solutions are informed by the science of reading, building educator knowledge and expertise to provide effective reading instruction and supporting students in language comprehension, helping them become confident, independent readers and learners.

Excite Reading®


Accelerates reading development through rich and engaging human-narrated stories, set above students’ decoding ability, building comprehension and fostering a joy of reading.

Audiobook Solution

3rd-12th Grades

Doubles the rate of reading growth by providing access to literature, text books and popular fiction, bridging the gap between decoding and comprehension and helping students keep up and participate in class and develop confidence.

Professional Learning

Our research-based solutions focused on Dyslexia Awareness and Brain Based Literacy, combine workshops, collaborative communities of practice and coaching, building educator knowledge and capacity to turn strategies into effective classroom instruction for stronger student outcomes.

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Solutions Rooted in the Science of Reading

Composed of scientific research that has been conducted around the world and across several disciplines, the science of reading reveals the skills required to read proficiently and the best practices for teaching those skills effectively.

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State Grants and Funding Sources

The Learning Ally Audiobook Solution is available to schools and districts nationwide. We’ve even partnered with some states to offer this innovative assistive technology to your school or district free of charge.

Corporate partners working together

Corporate Partnerships and Volunteer Opportunities

We provide training programs for organizations, as well as volunteer opportunities to drive engagement.

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Dyslexia Test

Embark on a journey of self-discovery with Learning Ally’s Dyslexia test, designed to reveal unique strengths and challenges in individuals of all ages. Our comprehensive assessment goes beyond conventional evaluations, delving into the intricate aspects of dyslexia to provide a personalized roadmap for success.

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The Dollar General Literacy Foundation & Learning Ally: Forging a Brighter Future Through Literacy

The Dollar General Literacy Foundation and Learning Ally have united to bolster literacy and education across communities. We aim to harness our collective expertise, and together provide free resources, support, and programs designed to enhance reading skills, promote educational success, and foster a lifelong love of learning.

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Our reach continues to grow as our proven solutions turn struggling readers into grade-level achievers.