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Introducing Excite Reading®

Share fun, authentic stories and build best reading practices.

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Inspire a love of reading backed by cognitive research

Excite Reading® provides an engaging library of human-read children’s e-books with time-saving lessons that develop vocabulary and background knowledge for reading comprehension.

Bridge the gap between decoding and comprehension

Emerging readers need help beyond decoding, such as vocabulary and background knowledge to be ready to read with true comprehension.

Engage students
Build vocabulary
Make connections
Monitor student progress

Engage students with a fun e-library

A mix of classic and contemporary titles draw students into reading with anytime access in school or at home. This collection of appealing stories and interesting themes includes human-read narration that helps develop understanding as students explore different worlds.


Build vocabulary and background knowledge for context and understanding

Corresponding Book Guides help educators build vocabulary and background knowledge so young learners can make sense of each story’s world within words. Every text set’s theme builds a larger context so students can embark on a higher level of discourse using vocabulary to express questions, answers, and ideas.


Make connections across curricula

Themes explore social studies, science and the arts, teaching vocabulary and building funds of knowledge. Social-emotional learning (SEL) strands help build self-management, responsible decision-making and more.


Monitor student progress

Using the educator portal, teachers can assign books to the whole class, small groups, or individual students. They can see at glance what books students have on their shelves and how many have been read. And they can review formative assessment results to track individual reading comprehension.

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Excite Reading® focuses on building comprehension by:

  • Encouraging joy in reading with authentic children’s literature read by human narrators.
  • Exploring ideas and building skills with lessons that prompt rich discussion and model best reading practices.
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Move beyond decoding

Research shows that skilled reading requires instruction not only in decoding, but also in language comprehension–including background knowledge and vocabulary–so children can truly understand what they read.


Turnkey read-aloud, think-aloud literacy solution

A recent study showed that modeling comprehension, like the read-aloud/think-aloud lessons in Excite ReadingTM ranked in the top three language factors having a positive effect on young readers.


Educator support with reports and assessments

Unique children’s e-books have corresponding book guides that offer quality modeling and prompts for rich classroom discussion. Excite ReadingTM lets teachers track student progress and includes curricular assessments that are aligned with state standards to check student comprehension.


Family engagement

Students have access to the Excite ReadingTM e-library anytime, from anywhere. Lessons include family activities that reinforce learning at home, plus students can share their reading with their families and friends.

My students were engaged with the stories and looked forward to Excite Reading® each day. They were exposed to rich vocabulary and asked so many questions because they were truly interested! As a teacher, I appreciated having the most important topics for discussion at my fingertips, saving my precious time to plan other aspects of curriculum. Thank you for the opportunity to experience Excite Reading!

Katie H., Kindergarten teacher, Pooler, GA

Awards and Accolades

2022 Tech & Learning Awards of Excellence

Excite Reading™ was recognized as a solution that supports innovative, effective teaching and learning.

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2022 Readers Choice Awards By SmartBrief On EdTech

Excite Reading™ was recognized for changing the education landscape for the better through innovative solutions, the latest technology or pioneering problem-solving.

2022 Excellence in Equity Award

Excite Reading™ was recognized as a best early childhood education solution in helping schools achieve equity.