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We are proud to bring together like- minded organizations- including leaders in education theory, content, and neuroscience- so that breakthroughs in the science of how we learn can be applied in the classroom.

Machine Learning

Our Data Scientists use machine learning to understand critical aspects of how students learn so that students can be placed in the center of their learning.


We drive systematic innovation through a build, measure, learn approach to test findings and create innovations that are ultimately included in the design of our Solutions.


University of California at San Francisco Dyslexia Center
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Clark County School District
Square Panda

Texas Education Agency
Aim Institute for Learning and Research
Florida Department of Education
NYC Department of Education
Denver Public Schools
Fairfax County Public Schools
Santa Barbara University
San Ramon Valley United School District
Newark Public Schools
Dyslexia Voice
father reading with child on ipad

Gamification to Build Stronger Reading Habits

The lack of reading proficiency in the U.S. is prompting more educators to explore innovative ways to strengthen the reading habits of struggling learners. Learning Ally has developed a set of education gamification best practices to help define the "science of reading engagement," and to demonstrate its effectiveness in U.S. schools through its annual reading competition- The Great Reading Games.

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