Therese Llorente

National Board Vice-Chair

Therese has a passion for helping students who struggle to read. This passion comes from her family’s journey with dyslexia. Therese’s daughter, Stephanie, was diagnosed with dyslexia in 4th grade and was the motivation behind the start of Therese’s volunteer work with Learning Ally – then RFB&D. Stephanie struggled in school particularly with reading though with the help of Learning Ally, her family and a few teacher champions, she overcame these challenges and began mentoring and supporting other students with dyslexia through Learning Ally’s Youth Examples of Self Advocacy (YES!) program. She served as a YES! Ambassador during all four years in high school. During this time, Therese served as a parent volunteer with YES! and later served for – years on the local Board for Learning Ally in Denver. Today, in addition to serving on the national Learning Ally Board, Therese continues her work as a volunteer in her son’s school helping parents navigate the journey of supporting a child with dyslexia. 

Therese was born and raised in Northern California and studied Kinesiology at UCLA graduating with a Bachelors of Science in 1985. After college, Therese traveled to Europe and soon started working for Sony Corporation as an English teacher in two SONY factories in Central Japan. In this role, she provided classroom instruction and cultural counseling to prepare Sony staff assuming positions in the U.S. and Europe. After two years with SONY, Therese was hired by Yagami Sei Saku Sho to expand operations in the United State and established Shinwa Medical. The purpose was to bring the latest US technology in Cardiac and Orthopedic rehabilitation through exclusive distribution rights and licensing agreements to the Japanese medical market. Therese was responsible for securing the distribution rights and organizing and directing sales training for the entire Shinwa product line as well as working to acquire federal funding for development efforts. After four years with Shinwa and living between Nagoya, Japan and San Francisco, she returned to the US to live full time in San Francisco and work as global sales manager for Geologistic, a global logistic/ supply chain management corporation. 

Therese volunteers her time advocating and raising funds to help Learning Ally transform the lives of struggling readers to become empowered learners. She believes in Learning Ally’s ability to influence how we can shape education in the future for all students to learn and thrive.