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"They Dream of Today"

Categories: Activities, Volunteerism

AZ Booth 80-year old Neva Wallace has been volunteering for many years at RFB&D's recording studio in Hollywood, California. Inspired by one of our recent Dream Builders events, she wrote a lovely original poem to share with our volunteers and students around the country.


By Neva Wallace

There are those
Who cannot see
And those who
Cannot read
And those who
Can’t even
Lift a book

Because of
The work we do
All of them
Can select a book
Can proudly wear
A headset
Or tuck an MP3
Into their ear
And know that
We are with them
All the way
To that diploma
Or new business
Or any horizon
They dream of

Oh, just imagine
How we shall be
Celebrating them

Written for Recording for the Blind & Dyslexic