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When you become an Education Advocate with Learning Ally, you join a special group of people who donate each month to bring life-changing solutions to millions of struggling readers. By making a budget friendly, automatic tax-deductible gift each month, you provide Learning Ally with a consistent and reliable source of funding, allowing us to plan ahead and build sustainability. Month after month, your support as an Education Advocate has major and ongoing impact on the lives of thousands of students across the country.

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4 Reasons to Become a Monthly Donor


Signing up as a monthly donor is easy. Just decide on a gift amount that meets your monthly budget, add your bank account or credit card information and click submit, and your payment will be received automatically every month. You’ll never have to write another check or mail another donation to Learning Ally again! Your gift can be automatically billed to your credit card or debited to your checking account every month. Of course, you can always change your monthly amount, suspend or discontinue your support, or modify your preferred method of payment at any time by calling our customer support number at 800-221-4792.


Monthly giving is an easy and affordable way for you to have an ongoing impact on the lives of struggling readers. It is a budget friendly solution for you, and also for Learning Ally! In fact, monthly donations reduce administrative costs and represent a reliable source of income, which allows Learning Ally to allocate more resources to projects with a long-term vision.


Being an education advocate brings you the daily joy of knowing that you are changing lives for the better, contributing to the success of hundreds of students in helping them to overcome their difficulties. Your recurring gifts will help them thrive in the classroom, experience the pleasure of reading, and maximize their potential month after month. You’re part of something bigger than yourself.

…and Special Perks!

When you become an education advocate, you receive a special supporter badge by mail, and a yearly receipt for tax purposes. Each month, we also send you exclusive, inspiring stories and uplifting news from the students you help.