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Now more than ever, people with learning and visual disabilities are flourishing in the classroom, launching productive careers and becoming assets in their communities. This blog spotlights remarkable individuals who demonstrate that having a visual or print disability is no barrier to educational success.

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Arcola Elementary SchoolThis fall, Learning Ally hosted The Great Reading Games, the first ever reading contest for schools that use Learning Ally audiobooks in the classroom. We were thrilled to have over 200 schools participate in the games, cumulatively reading over 100,000 pages during the six-week contest period. Many schools celebrated their success and some were even visited by reporters interested in sharing how these schools encouraged reading among their students with learning differences. Arcola Elementary placed top out of all public schools in Learning Ally's Great Reading Games. The small, rural school's 62 students who have learning differences, such as dyslexia, read an astonishing 15,808 pages in only six weeks. Their feat was enough to draw buzz from local reporters, much to the delight of the proud students themselves. Visiting news hubs included NewsChannel abc15, who spoke with teachers and students to find out how students with learning disabilities developed a love for reading. Arcola was also reported on by the Journal Gazette & Times-Courier and the Herald Review. [caption id="attachment_30979" align="alignright" width="300"]Barton Middle School in Buda, TX                     Barton Middle School[/caption] Barton Middle School in Buda, TX, placed 7th in the contest and celebrated their $3,000 check prize by sharing pictures with their tight-knit community. Jefferson Junior High in Naperville, IL, placed 9th in the contest and was visited by The Naperville Sun paper. The school also shared photos with the school's community. Click here to see the full list of the top-ten contest winners and the total tally of pages read by these outstanding students.

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