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High-quality, human-read audiobooks

The largest library of human-read audiobooks including classic literature, popular fiction, and curriculum-aligned titles, that gives every student access to grade-level content. Highlighted text provides a multi-sensory experience so readers can easily absorb content.

Low cost and teacher effective

Our suite of tools and resources can maximize teacher capacity and improve effectiveness. In providing equal access to content for all students, teachers can maximizes classroom learning time and focus on vocabulary, critical-thinking and other essential skills.

Ongoing professional learning

A wide variety of training, support, and ongoing professional learning options help teachers and administrators ensure that Learning Ally is implemented successfully and used with fidelity.

Easy implementation

Designed as a supplemental solution, Learning Ally easily snaps-in to your existing curriculum or intervention programs. A step-by-step guide and ongoing support provide a seamless integration.

Students can download and read their audiobooks anytime, anywhere

Students receive unique login credentials to access their online bookshelf. They can then login to our free "best-of-breed" app and download any book they want to their home or school-issued computer or mobile device. Compatible with PC, Mac, Android and iOS devices.

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The Learning Ally Impact

Our partnerships continue to grow as our proven solution turns struggling readers into grade-level achievers.







Does Your State Have a Grant Program?

The Learning Ally audiobook solution is available to schools and districts nationwide. We've partnered with some states to offer Learning Ally at no cost to your school or district. If your state or school system is below, you may be eligible.

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*Learning Ally is funded at different capacities in each state.