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Volunteer Spotlight: Actress Mojena Talien

Categories: Assistive Technology, Audiobook Library, Blind or Visually Impaired, Volunteerism

by guest blogger, volunteer,actress and voice over artist, Mojena Talien, talks about her first audio book recording experience with Learning Ally.

Actress, Voice Over Artist and Volunteer, Mojen TalienWhen I found out about the book The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas and that I would be recording  audio books for it with Learning Ally, I felt honored, excited, and ready all at once. The voice-over and audio books industry have always been respected by me since I was a child in the theatre. Some of the actors I look up to now, as a child, I discovered their voice before I knew what they looked like. Like James Earl Jones in The Lion King and Star Wars or any character in a Disney Film. With the help of my voice and acting instructors Jay Goldenberg, Sara Buffamanti, and Eileen Connolly at The New York Conservatory I went into this project prepared and grounded in my technique.

The story that Angie Thomas tells is something that I feel very passionate about. Police brutality was first exposed to me with Trayvon Martin and the #BlackLivesMatter movement. I was raised in Florida so that really opened my eyes to the issue. This book is important because it tells the story from the perspective of the adolescent. The book is a roller coaster of love, vulnerability, fear, and learning to come together no matter the differences; whether it be race, religion, and specifically social class. I would like to thank Alexis Bourbeau at Learning Ally. I hope you, the listener enjoys the roller coaster, for it is a great example of optimism and love. Self-love especially.

This is my first book with Learning Ally. You will hear and see me soon again. I just wrapped up a series of beautiful short films that were shot in West Palm Beach, Florida and I just got casted as a dancer and singer in The Greatest Showman that will open in May of 2019. The Hate U Give is a very important story and I’m glad that you’re listening. Here’s to art that enlightens the viewer, listener, or reader while telling the stories of those forgotten or not heard as much in our society. Happy listening!

Watch as we take you through a clip of our "The Hate You Give" audiobook, recorded by Majen Talien

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