Fundraising for Student Success

Eliminating Barriers to Reading with Audiobooks

Do you believe education is a right, not a privilege?

10.4 million American students struggle to read the printed word. For too many, the struggle is a barrier to education and life success.

  • 20% of students with learning disabilities drop out of high school.
  • Only 12% of people who are blind or visually impaired earn college degrees.

10.4 Million Reasons to Give

Learning Ally’s more than 80,000 human narrated audiobooks play a vital role in enabling our students to achieve academic success. Our audiobooks - made possible by our volunteers and donors - give our students a new level of independence. The hours of service generously provided by our volunteers are only the beginning. It costs much more to bring our audiobooks and support services to our thousands of teachers and students.

You can Help Us Reach Our Goal of $175,000 by April 30th.

1% funded

$1,588.72 raised

Goal: $175,000.00

Your donation will change the lives of students that struggle to read.


Create Your Own Building Books Campaign Fundraiser

Consider fundraising for Learning Ally and help us close the achievement gap. Your family, friends, and colleagues can support you in raising funds and awareness for students who struggle to read the printed word. 

Through your fundraising page you can:

Produce an Audiobook

For every $1,000 you raise, you can add another audiobook to our collection, and get it into the hands and devices of our students.

Deliver Reading Programs

For every $2,500 you raise, you can help develop reading programs like the Great Reading Games that encourage reading frequency, which results in improved comprehension and fluency.

Support School Membership

For every $5,000 you raise you can help a whole school or even district full of students gain access to Learning Ally.