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Turn Struggling Readers into Grade-Level Achievers

Why Do 17,500 Schools Use Learning Ally for Struggling Readers?

The Learning Ally Audiobook Solution is a multi-sensory reading accommodation that levels the playing field for students who struggle to read due to a reading deficit, providing them the opportunity to achieve in school and in life. Gaining access to the books they want to read—and the books they need to read—in an easy-to-absorb format can be a game changer.

Experience the satisfaction of seeing students who have never before experienced reading success blossom, with improved grades, higher test scores and increased confidence and self-esteem.

Fifth-grade teacher, Laura Younts, describes how Learning Ally has helped her students do better in school and life.

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Benefits of Learning Ally 

High-quality, human-read audiobooks

The largest library of human-read audiobooks, including literature, popular fiction and curriculum-aligned titles giving every student equitable access to grade-level content. Highlighted text provides a multi-sensory reading experience that enables readers to easily absorb content.

Teacher-focused tools and resources

Professional learning, resources and support, including customized launch plans and dedicated engagement managers, help your school seamlessly integrate the Learning Ally Audiobook Solution into the existing curriculum and/or intervention programs.

Track students’ reading progress

Educators can manage assignments, track student reading and provide student progress reports to parents and administrators with Learning Ally’s data dashboards and progress-monitoring tools.

Student engagement programs

Year-round student success programs include games, prizes and national contests to further build engagement, ensuring students are motivated and reading with frequency.

The Impact of Learning Ally

Our partnerships continue to grow as our proven educational audiobooks turn struggling readers into grade-level achievers.







girl raising hand up and smiling

90% of educators agree that Learning Ally helps students:

  • Achieve academically
  • Access grade-level reading materials
  • Comprehend grade-level text

What Teachers Say

Learning Ally Audiobooks in the Classroom:
Helping Students Learn and Succeed

Motivate in Middle School:
Laura Younts and Learning Ally

Excite in Elementary School:
Kristy Mathieu and Learning Ally

At least 20% of your students will benefit!


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