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Video Blog: Swimming with the Sharks for Dyslexia Awareness

Categories: Learning Disabilities, Public Policy/Advocacy

pic3Dean Bragonier, the enterprising founder of  NoticeAbility, will swim around Martha's Vineyard on July 11 to raise dyslexia awareness.  His potent quote says it all: "A dyslexic entering a classroom each day is more brave than someone taking a chance swimming near sharks." Learning Ally is following him along the way. Below is his first installment in a series of video blogs, all meant to raise awareness about the advantages that come with dyslexia.

----------------------------------- Excerpt from Dean's video blog: I have decided to swim around the island of Martha's Vineyard this summer, starting on July 11th. This is like a 50 mile swim! Now, I'm not doing it all at once. I'm actually going to divide it into 27 different legs, and each one of those legs is going to be highlighted through a video blog. During those video blogs, I'm going to be introducing you to amazing people in the dyslexia community - famous musicians, high school students who have graduated and are going to college, people representing the success and optimism of dyslexia! Learning Ally has been kind enough to host me as a video blogger, and I really hope you will enjoy them and share them with someone in your lives. We need to harness the beauty of dyslexia! Follow me, please! Bring your dyslexics to the computer to watch. See you in the water!   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RMo89AwUYC8&feature=em-upload_owner