Why Might I Want a Mentor?

We hope that you enjoy our resources and find them useful, but what if you need help applying them to your own experiences? That’s when working with a College Success mentor can really come in handy. The College Success Program is very fortunate to have a group of mentors who have graduated college and, like you, are blind or visually impaired. Beyond these similarities, their visual acuity, fields of study and outside interests are quite diverse. But they do have something else in common; they are very eager to help you and other students to succeed on your unique college journey.

To learn more about the importance of mentors, read Joe's story about mentorship.

How do I sign up for a mentor?

Signing up for a mentor is a commitment. You will meet regularly with your mentor over the phone throughout the semester. You and your mentor will work together to develop goals—areas you’d like to improve over the course of the semester—and your mentor will guide you throughout the semester with tips, resources and encouragement.

If you want to sign up to work with a mentor this semester, you can fill out a Mentor Consultation Request from your dashboard, after you become a member of the College Success Program. Or you can email Collegesuccess@learningally.org, once you've become a member of the CSP. Once you have expressed interest, a member of Learning Ally’s College Success team will email you to schedule a phone interview. This interview between you and a Learning Ally Staff member will help us to learn more about you so that we can match you with the best mentor for your educational journey. It will also give you the opportunity to ask any questions you have about the program.

After the interview, the Learning Ally staff member will send you a Mentee Profile form so you can answer additional questions about your personality, your hobbies and your goals. When we receive your profile form, we will match you with a mentor and will connect you so you can start the conversation.

If you have any questions, please email us at Collegesuccess@learningally.org

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