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Enter Dexter the Dyslexian. . .

Categories: Disability Type, Learning Disabilities, Parenting

One of the newest additions to the Learning Ally picstudent services family is our fun alien friend, Dexter the Dyslexian. Students write to Dexter to ask him questions, an interactive feature of our new bi-monthly newsletter; and Dexter also sends out helpful tips on self-advocacy to those who opt in. Like many aspects of our student services line, Dexter was conceived through a bright idea from a creative dyslexic student.  Michael Pistilli is one of our original YES! Ambassadors. Michael is in college now, but when he was younger and was out rallying and educating other kids about dyslexia, he would often say things like “Me and the other Dyslexians. . . .” or "My fellow Dyslexians and I…Michael PictureThe rest of the Colorado YES! Program team started using the term Dyslexians as a way to celebrate all the things they have in common that make them different, special and empowered.  The dyslexian concept is a way to create a sense of community for those who sometimes feel isolated. Learning Ally’s YES! ambassadors even created a presentation called "Meet the Dyslexians," which delves into not only accepting, but embracing the differences that make us special.  Dexter is the graphic representation for an idea that began with a spark from a student who now knows he is not alone.REVISED-LALogo_Stacked_Tag - Copy You can check out all of the Learning Ally's student services on our new Explore 1in5 website. We've expanded our range this year to include Dexter, student-to-student webinars, a family-friendly newsletter, and more.