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What's in your backpack? Enter to WIN a Learning Ally Back-To-School gift-pack!

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No matter if I was heading into middle school, or off to college, that back-to-school feeling was always one of excitement and hesitancy. Nevertheless, the trip to the store for school supplies was the best! I just loved picking out folders, notebooks, new pens and highlighters. Back then, I had no idea that for some students, the most important back to school item was the Learning Ally audio textbook library. In all my years heading back to school, I never realized there are other supplies that some students rely on to gain access to their education. Now that I’ve spent six years on staff at Learning Ally, I’m amazed by each of our members and how grateful they are for this service. Earlier this year, I met Mitchel Janssen, who is heading to the University of Texas this fall equipped with his iPad and the free Learning Ally Audio app. “Learning Ally made my last year and a half of high school much easier,” he says. “However, it is in college that I anticipate I’ll get the most benefit.” Knowing that college will present him with quite a bit of reading, we’re happy to be here for Mitchel. And now that we know Learning Ally has been a favorite school supply for him, we’d like to hear from other members and friends in our community.  What is/was your favorite school supply item? Is some product of the world’s technology becoming your favorite today? Let us know about your favorite school supply item by posting a comment below — and you could WIN a Learning Ally Back to School gift-pack. All comments will be gathered on September 7 for a drawing; we’ll email you if you win, so check your inbox! By the way, my favorite supply was always my lunchbox. Thanks, Mom, for sneaking in those special notes. ### September 8, 2012 Update – Announcing the winner: Congrats to Phyllis Bono! Phyllis has a visual impairment and has been a member of Learning Ally since the early 80′s. Now a retired medical records transcriptionist, Phyllis uses Learning Ally to broaden her world and catch up on works of fiction. In fact, when we contacted her to congratulate her, she said she had been outside listening to a book. How wonderful! Thank you to all the participants for your inspiring answers and participation.