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End of School Year Challenge: Tell Me Something Good!

Categories: Education & Teaching

Guest blog by Mrs G, an elementary special education teacher from Tennessee I know the media is always playing up the bad things going on in the world, but I sure have seen a lot of good things going on this week ...
  • A kid giving her honor roll medal to a sad child that didn't get one
  • The loudest applause from classmates given for a child with disabilities during awards
  • Children giving group hugs as they leave for summer
  • Sobbing children because they love their teacher, friends and school
  • A fifth grade safety comforting a confused and upset rising 4th grade safety
  • Children showing gratitude for some of the smallest treats
  • A child gently taking care of a younger sibling
  • A child telling his teacher thanks for not giving up on him
I challenge you to keep adding to this list! Comment below (or comment on social media) and use the hashtag #TellMeSomethingGood    Teacher with students