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Parents get your child the dyslexia help they need from leading dyslexia experts and reading specialists on IEPs, 504 plans, specific learning disabilities and so much more. With every book comes an opportunity to help a child break free from the chains of their issues with dyslexia. To untap a child’s full ability it is important to properly identify the barriers keeping them from their learning goals. With dyslexia, the sooner it is properly diagnosed, the sooner a child can start to learn more effectively in the classroom and at home. We are happy to help you find a book that will help you provide the best support possible for the student in your life.

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Helping Struggling Readers at All Levels

Is My Child Dyslexic?

Understanding dyslexia as a learning difference. 

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IEP & 504 Plans?

Know Your child's legal educational rights. 

Student with IEP or 504 Plan

Multi-Sensory Learning

Effective books for dyslexia, reading interventions and programs.

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Assistive Technology

Top dyslexia reading programs to help your child learn and become independent. 

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Why Audiobooks?

Assistive technology for help with dyslexia and reading comprehension.

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Self Advocacy

Creating resiliency, self-advocacy and connections

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The categories above show the different types of issues that children with dyslexia face. Every resource we offer shows that the student in your life is not alone in their issues with dyslexia. Sometimes, our readers discover that their child has a different issue altogether. The important thing is properly diagnosing the barrier in place so that you can utilize the proper services to ensure the student has every opportunity to succeed. It is even more important in a time where more and more parents are faced with taking control of their children’s educational futures at home to ensure that you have every resource possible to help you help your child. We look forward to helping you set your child up for a successful academic future.

One of the biggest lessons learned in our audio books is that it is completely normal to feel abnormal. Everyone faces different challenges in life. Dyslexia may just be the issue that your child faces. The good news is that dyslexia is a learning challenge that can be overcome, and a student can go on to achieve whatever they want to achieve academically. We take great pride in providing students with the resources they need to achieve their full potential. If you cannot find the audio book you are looking for, do not hesitate to reach out. We want to ensure that every student gets the best book for their unique needs.

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Reading Specialist with Child • Reading Specialist Directory

Does your child struggle to read on their own?

Find a reading specialist in your area to help determine if your child can benefit from interventions and get in-depth support helping your child read at grade-level. Sometimes, you need a professional opinion. The sooner you understand the problem, the quicker you can identify the solutions that will make learning fun again. One of the biggest hurdles for students with dyslexia is that pre-diagnosis they do not, and the people who are trying to help them often do not, understand what is holding them back. A professional can pick up on an issue quicker, and therefore, provide a quicker path to academic success.

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Is Learning Ally Right for Your Family?

The use of Learning Ally audio books for kids with dyslexia are restricted to those who have a demonstrated learning disability, visual impairment, or physical disability that makes it difficult to read using traditional print. For legal reasons, we require documentation from a qualified professional for each member.

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Membership has its benefits!

Join today to get unlimited access to the best audio books for kids for only $135 per year! An annual subscription offers unlimited access to our human-read audiobook subscription, our parent resources, and so much more. Our audio books can be extremely beneficial to students who struggle with dyslexia. There is often an ‘aha moment’ when students realize that they can pick up on their lessons so much easier when they are able to listen as opposed to read. Our customers often find that students who discover audio books will want to move on to other audio books that they can listen to in their daily lives. We carry a full collection of books that readers can enjoy on the go!


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