Teacher with kids sitting on chairs in circle and holding hands up

Early Literacy Solutions to help emerging readers thrive

Learning Ally helps young readers have a fun and successful start to literacy

Excite Reading™

Build vocabulary and background knowledge for comprehension

Excite Reading™ bridges the gap between phonics and reading comprehension, building vocabulary and background knowledge through a library of rich, engaging e-books that explore the worlds of gardens, insects, music and more. Carefully designed lessons take a holistic approach to teaching words and creating context, deepening comprehension and making connections so emerging readers can reach their full potential.

Square Panda™

Multisensory, adaptive phonics instruction

Square Panda™ is a proven phonics based, multi-sensory adaptive literacy program that builds core foundational reading skills and provides personalized literacy support for early learners. Phonics based, Square Panda addresses decoding and is especially helpful for struggling readers and ELL. Fitting in alongside any core reading program, Square Panda's adaptive learning engine helps educators manage diverse reading readiness and provide tools to help support personalized learning pathways.