Spotlight on Dyslexia Sessions


Dyslexia Amidst the Science of Reading: Access, Equity, and Inclusion

DeJunne’ Clark Jackson

Lead In the Way They Will Grow

Nancy Disterlic

Real Talk about Dyslexia: The Top 10 Things I Have Learned as a Parent and Educator

Allison Peck

Keynote: The Ugly Side of Dyslexia

Ameer Baraka

Mississippi Rising: How the Last became First in Literacy Growth

Leta Palmiter


Improving Adolescent Literacy: Effective Classroom and Intervention Practices

Joan Sedita

Self-Awareness and Self-Advocacy for Students with Dyslexia

Joelle Perry-Nappi

Practice: A Key to Automaticity

Nancy Chapel Eberhardt
Sheryl Ferlito
Jennifer Ferlito

Multi-Modal Magic with Morphology

Jean Rishel

Mathematizing Children’s Literature Sparking Connections, Joy, and Wonder Through Read-Alouds and Discussion

Antony T. Smith
Allison Hintz

Unlocking Comprehension by Building Sentence Sense

Laura Stewart

Social and Emotional Effects of Dyslexia: How Can Teachers Support These Learners?

Danielle Frith

Writer’s Craft and Text Structure: Grades K-2

Lisa Klein

Unlock the Doors of Literacy with Audio-Visual Content

Sandhya Lakhanpal

Dyslexia Screening Versus Evaluation: The Why, When, and How

Carrie Thomas Beck


What We Know about What They Know: A Review of the Research on Stakeholder Knowledge of Dyslexia

Tiffany Peltier

Keynote: 180 Days of Awesome: Celebrating Every Day of Education

Monica Genta

What do teachers know about dyslexia? Growth over two decades

Molly Ness
Susan J. Chambre

Finding Dyslexia in a Sea of Struggling Readers: The Challenges are Real

Tim Odegard


The Science of Teaching Reading: Understanding the "Big Picture"

Dr. Peggy Semingson