Unlocking Comprehension by Building Sentence Sense

Presented by Laura Stewart

There are many factors that go into the development of text comprehension; as we teach children to navigate text, understanding the syntactic structure of that text is vitally important. Yet sentence-level comprehension is often under looked in teaching reading and may be a source of reading struggles. This session will define reading comprehension, unpack the critical attributes of constructing a “mental model” of text, and provide eight key activities that can be implemented within any curriculum to build “sentence sense''.

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Session Objectives

  • Explain the importance of developing sentence comprehension as part of overall reading comprehension.
  • Identify at least three instructional tasks which lead to the development of sentence sense.

More about the speaker


Laura Stewart is an educator and organizational leader. She has served as a teacher, administrator, adjunct professor, and director of numerous professional development initiatives around the country. Previous positions include VP of Professional Development for the Rowland Reading Foundation, Chief Academic Officer for Professional Development at Highlights for Children, and Chief Innovation Officer at The Reading League. She presents nationally and internationally, and is a published author.

Laura’s current role as Chief Academic Officer at 95% Group fits her perfectly, as her passion is empowering educators to positively impact ALL students and ultimately change the course of literacy achievement in this country.