Mathematizing Children’s Literature Sparking Connections, Joy, and Wonder Through Read-Alouds and Discussion

Presented by Antony T. Smith & Allison Hintz

Within the pages of children's literature lie vibrant opportunities for young learners to notice, wonder, and experience joy for reading and mathematics. Join us to think about how to approach stories through different lenses to develop reading skills, deepen knowledge of mathematical concepts, and nurture students’ identities as literacy and mathematical sense-makers through read-alouds and discussion.

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Session Objectives

  • Examine multicultural children’s literature from early reading and mathematical perspectives;
  • Identify early reading content and mathematical concepts embedded in children’s literature;
  • Make connections between essential early reading skills and mathematical concepts in children’s literature and school curricula and the everyday lives of children and families.

More about the speaker

Antony T. Smith

Antony T. Smith is an associate professor of literacy education at the University of Washington, Bothell. He works alongside teachers to create engaging literacy-mathematics learning experiences through exploring and discussing children’s literature. He is committed to the concepts of motivation, engagement, challenge, and creativity in literacy teaching and learning.

Allison Hintz

Allison is an associate professor of mathematics education at the University of Washington Bothell. She engages in learning and teaching alongside children – and the adults in their lives – to find joy and wonder for mathematics.