Unlock the Doors of Literacy with Audio-Visual Content

Presented by Sandhya Lakhanpal

The pandemic affected our classrooms in many ways. Educators were thrown into a loop with the need to pivot into virtual learning in a matter of days. With the shift to virtual learning, educators were forced to present content using technology.

While creating audio and video assets may have been an extra effort in the regular classroom, virtual learning made the use of these formats’ commonplace. On one hand students with dyslexia struggled to access text-heavy content, on the other audio & video content unlocked a whole new world of literacy. We saw an uptick in the performance of students with dyslexia. With audio-visual content, we were suddenly playing to their strengths in an otherwise imbalanced classroom environment.

The question remains, how can we continue to make learning accessible with the use of these tools. Can we leverage the power of audio-visual format to make learning accessible to students with dyslexia and cater to the learning-preferences of others?

We seek to serve Generation Alpha. Born in the 21st Century, Generation Alpha is tech-centric by nature. Let’s play to their strengths and make literacy accessible to all.

What if technology became a partner in making learning accessible? Whether you teach elementary, middle or high school, come to this session and come away with ready to implement strategies in the classroom. Join this interactive session to learn more about using technology to make literacy accessible.

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Session Objectives

  • Ideas that are readily implemented in the classroom
  • Strategies that encourage participation from all students in the classroom.
  • 7 types of videos to engage learners.

More about the speaker

Sandhya Lakhanpal is a certified instructor, reading specialist and curriculum designer with over 10 years of experience in three U.S. school districts. In 2011-12, Sandhya was awarded the accolade of 'ESL Instructor of the Year' by Houston Area Association of Bilingual Education (HAABE).

In her most recent position as a literacy specialist, she has trained facilitators in reading/ writing best practices, tech programs like I-Station, Eduphoria, small group instruction, reading assessments and characteristics of dyslexia. She specializes in dyslexia coaching and lesson design through Neuhaus Education Center. Having designed curriculum and trained teachers in Washington D.C and Houston TX, she now offers workshops, webinars and consultative services to schools and teachers for professional development. She also conducts informational briefings with faculty members as well as parents to provide training and suggest best practices for delivery. Sandhya is also the host of Education Redefined, a podcast/webcast that provides resources for students with dyslexia.