Social and Emotional Effects of Dyslexia: How Can Teachers Support These Learners?

Presented by Danielle Frith

The effects of dyslexia are not solely academic. Students with dyslexia often encounter social and emotional effects. This presentation will highlight the social and emotional impact of dyslexia and offer tools, strategies and resources for teachers.

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Session Objectives

  • Highlight the social and emotional effects of dyslexia.
  • Provide tools, strategies and resources for teachers.

More about the speaker

Carrie Thomas Beck

Danielle Frith is an alumna of Monmouth University. She was a special education teacher for five years and is a Wilson level I certified instructor. She obtained her master’s degree in special education from Rider University in 2009 and is a certified Learning Disabilities Teacher-Consultant. Currently, she is a full-time specialist professor in the special education department at Monmouth University and an adjunct instructor at Rider University. Danielle is working towards attaining her PhD in special education from Temple University and recently completed a LEND Fellowship at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. Her research interests include dyslexia, assessment, science of reading, teacher preparation and learning disabilities. She presents both locally and nationally on a variety of topics related to special education. She is a Council for Learning Disabilities (CLD) Leadership Academy cohort participant and is currently working on a special education technology meta-analysis.