Preparing Students with Disabilities for Successful Transition to College: Ensuring success beyond high school
Have you heard these myths? • Ivy League and other competitive colleges don’t have to provide disability accommodations. • Colleges are required to provide the same accommodations that students received in high school. • If students didn’t have to take foreign language in high school, they don’t have to in college, either. • Students with disabilities will find college too challenging. Don’t let misinformation affect your student’s post-high school choices. Students with disabilities attend and graduate from all kinds of colleges - even the Ivies. While they have to adjust to academic expectations at college (as do all students) and will find changes in the disability accommodation system, with the proper preparation, they can enjoy success! Author and Columbia University learning specialist, Elizabeth Hamblet explains how the system for accommodations works at college, describes students’ rights and responsibilities within that system, and shares what the research says are the skills students should develop while they’re in high school to ensure success when they reach college.

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