Learn. Accommodate. Inspire. - Helping children with dyslexia thrive!

Barbara Steinberg’s philosophy for helping children with dyslexia thrive encompasses three ideas: LEARN. ACCOMMODATE. INSPIRE. With appropriate and effective remediation, accommodation, inspiration and support, there is unlimited potential for success.

This public webinar – A Guiding Plan to Help Dyslexic Children Thrive – is packed with useful hand-outs and a wealth of information you can immediately put into practice to benefit your child at home and in school.

In this free, one-hour session, Barbara will help you…

  • Identify appropriate accommodations that will benefit your child
  • Learn how to implement those accommodations
  • Become familiar with the theory of "multiple intelligences" identify your child’s strengths, and learn to empower, inspire and build self-esteem
  • Discover how to be the “team captain” of your child’s team
  • Explore strategies for effective communication between the members of your child’s team.

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