Mother hugging her son
Building Resilience in Children: A webinar with Dr. Michael Hart

Join child psychologist Michael Hart, Ph.D., in a presentation and discussion about how to build resilience in children with learning disabilities/dyslexia. After an hour, you’ll understand its power — and how it can be taught at home and at school. 


What is resilience and can it be taught? 

How can dyslexia affect self-esteem and impact resilience? 

How can I work with my child’s school to build resilience? 

What can I do at home to develop and increase resilience in my child? 

Michael Hart, Ph.D. is a child psychologist with 25 years of experience in parent and teacher training, educational technology, learning differences and diagnostic assessment of dyslexia and attention problems. He is the founder of and a popular blogger, podcaster and provider of online education for parents of dyslexic students. Dr. Hart is active in Decoding Dyslexia – TN and is focused on supporting parents as they become more effective advocates for their children.

Watch the webinar

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