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Is My Child Dyslexic?

What is Dyslexia?  You might have questions, you might be wondering. Is my child dyslexic? Well we're here to share with you some key insights that we've collected to help answer your questions and get you the resources you need and give you the tools to best support your child on their educational journey. When starting out you probably heard of the term dyslexia and attributed a lot of the common myths to it but we've pulled together some excellent resources to help you dispel those myths and get the information you need to know as quickly as possible. You'll find information to help you understand what the common warning signs of dyslexia and help you understand that it's one of these learning disabilities that fits within a spectrum of things that you might be seeing. You'll also find information on the common myths and misperceptions that are out there and we'll help debunk some of those for you. And you'll also learn about the idea of a child having a strength space perspective to looking at dyslexia. We'll also share some information on different types of screenings, evaluations and interventions that are out there, so that you can make good decisions about what's right for your child and get yourself on a path that's going to work for you. Here at Learning Ally we really do believe that together it's possible, so take some time to explore these resources and then get back in touch. 

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