Innovation At Our Core

Through our Whole Child Literacy approach, we leverage research, data, and partnerships with leading neuroscience universities, philanthropic organizations, state education departments and school districts, to understand a child’s cognitive, environmental and social emotional factors and bring research into educational practice to improve student outcomes.

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Fueling Our Whole Child Literacy™ Next Generation Solutions with Innovative Pilots and Research

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Whole Child Literacy: Cognitive Variables

Neuroscience Drives Early Detection App

Pilot with UCSF

Unleashing the power of neuroscience with an Advanced Screener for Early Detection of Learning Issues funded by the State of California for their Dyslexia Initiative

LEARN MORE about our pilot with UCSF
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Whole Child Literacy: Comprehension

Building a Better Foundation in Early Literacy

Project Excite

Delivering a comprehensive and integrated platform to prevent and solve the literacy crisis for at-risk students

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Whole Child Literacy: Home & Environment

Accelerating Comprehension for the Underprivileged

Study with MIT

Groundbreaking research supports lower SES students in building essential skills to address unfinished learning post Pandemic

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Whole Child Literacy: Cognitive Variables, Home & Environment

Literacy Leaps in Low Performing Schools

LAUSD Achievement Network

Working with educators in lowest performing schools in LA to double the rate of reading growth for struggling students

Partnering with Leading Education
and Research Institutions


University of California at San Francisco Dyslexia Center
University of California at San Francisco Neuroscape
Curious Learning
Square Panda

Texas Education Agency
Aim Institute for Learning and Research
Florida Department of Education
NYC Department of Education
Denver Public Schools
Fairfax County Public Schools
Santa Barbara University
San Ramon Valley United School District
Newark Public Schools
Dyslexia Voice
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