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Ways to Share Success: How to share the benefits of audiobooks

Sharing is Caring


People feel comfortable when information is recommended by someone they know and trust. The purpose of education is to share your knowledge with others.  Share Learning Ally with colleagues and show them how audiobooks make a difference with your students.  By sharing, you enable colleagues to empower their students even more. Use your resources to inspire your colleagues- Sharing is caring.


Guess what, you don’t have to do it alone! The resource section in the educator portal is a powerful part of our website where you can create a community of learning and share the love of Learning Ally with others!  

Share your knowledge of Learning Ally with your colleagues, a little at a time. Here are a few ideas to help you get started:


Social Media


Participate in the exciting conversations happening on social media. We have a Learning Ally Teacher Talk group on Facebook, host Twitter #atchats, and have a growing presence on Instagram and Pinterest. Join in the discussion and experience the great Learning Ally social community.


Educator Testimonials


Educators who have been using and experiencing success with Learning Ally are such wonderful resources. Set up short monthly meetings over coffee or lunch; allow colleagues to share how Learning Ally changed their classroom for the better and just how amazing the results can be for both the teacher and the student. Just read these words from Marlene Briava, a special educator from New Jersey, who was introduced to Learning Ally from a colleague, “Our children know that dyslexia holds them back from reading words on a page. However, now that they have this tool, it no longers holds them back. They are part of the classroom. Their self-esteem has gone up. They’re feeling better about themselves. And as a teacher it makes you feel wonderful because you feel like you're reaching your children.”


Student Testimonials


Inviting a student to share their Learning Ally experience can be extremely powerful. When educators are able to hear directly from the student how life-changing Learning Ally can be, it would be difficult to contain the excitement and motivation that comes from learning that your student is succeeding. As heard from, Alison Pankowski, a reading interventionist from New Jersey,when her student said “I finally finished a book in the school year and I want to read more” she knew the school was starting to develop a love of independent reading and Learning Ally was providing their students with the access to the books they desired to read.


Teacher Networking


Invite teachers from other schools within your districts to learn about how you use Learning Ally in your school. Being the example of how to implement Learning Ally, can be incredibly helpful to your colleagues who are new to the program, or are not familiar with Learning Ally. Also, sharing your Learning Ally experience within professional teacher associations can be a valuable way to “spread the word” to like-minded individuals.


Student-to-Student Communication


It is so important that students with print disabilities understand that they are not alone. If students and parents are comfortable, encourage them to share their story with other students. Discovering tips on listening to audiobooks, self-advocacy, and cool tools to help, can make a world of difference for a student who is just beginning on their journey. Share Learning Ally’s 1in5 student initiative with your students' parents to give them great ideas and examples of students who have turned their struggle into success.


Community Events


Participate in the many online & in-person community events, that we have scheduled throughout the year. We offer both paid & non-paid events that focus on Hot Topics, Informational webinars, How to Use Learning Ally, and Kid-to-Kid events. Once you register for one of our online events, you are able to virtually attend that day, and also access a recording of the webinar. Playing the recording is a great opportunity to share the event with your colleagues at your own pace and have exciting conversations around the topics!


Educator Resources


Our educator resources allow you to easily discover and share helpful guides, teaching tools, and valuable information. Share this content with your colleagues to allow for easy onboarding and further use of the program. Quickly email or post a link to Learning Ally’s popular graphic organizers, let colleagues know that our tools do not end at audiobooks. We strive to be your partner in the classroom!


Learning Ally Support


We are always here to help! Encourage colleagues to contact your local Learning Ally School and Student Success Manager for training. Create a Learning Ally flyer to display in the Teachers’ lounge. Include contact information for your local Learning Ally support manager or Learning Ally Member Success team. They are a wealth of knowledge, and are there to onboard you, support you, and engage you! Schedule a training webinar with your support manager, and colleagues in your school/district. Find out who your School and Student Success Manager is today! For general support, call our Member Success team at 1-800-221-4792.


Start your colleagues’ journey in using Learning Ally with powerful, informative and short learning sessions. We are here to support your efforts. Please reach out to your Learning Ally School and Student Success Manager if you get stuck along the way. Share your knowledge of Learning Ally with your colleagues because sharing is caring!


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