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The Great Reading Games gives Learning Ally schools a chance to engage students to read the most to win recognition and prizes. This 2-month event was awarded honorable mention from the National Book Foundation and has helped schools celebrating all readers as they achieve reading success. These resources will help educators motivate students, share results with parents and build a culture of reading in their school. Use the author webinars to enhance book clubs for your students and the social media posts to help you win extra prizes!

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We are so excited that the author, Robert Beatty, joined us for a LIVE webinar hosted by Learning Ally. If you and your students, didn't get the opportunity to attend the webinar live, don't be upset! Watch the webinar on-demand, by checking out the details below! ...

Schools and Educators: Brag about your students! Show us how you spread a love of reading to ALL students! Take a photo of your virtual reading area, and post to social media. Make sure to include your audiobook devices! Plus, use our social media graphics to share your school's participation in the games. ...