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“Summer Reading Together” by Learning Ally Supports Teachers’ Efforts to Prevent Summer Reading Slide with Human-Read Audiobooks

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girl reading with headphones and a smartphone in a hammock. Learning Ally has kicked off its “Summer Reading Together,” a program designed to motivate struggling readers to read for twenty minutes a day using human-read audiobooks.

Each year, thousands of students experience summer reading slide, especially those with print and learning disabilities. Reading skill setbacks not only affect student performance in the coming school session, but many teachers have to reteach skills, and over time, these setbacks can have a lasting impact on students’ academic future.

Exposure to human-read audiobooks can significantly enhance a struggling reader’s ability to read more fluently and to make deeper contextual meaning to content. As students become engaged in the reading process, they are apt to read more and enjoy the experience, while building foundational skills in reading comprehension, vocabulary, and critical thinking.

Learning Ally, a leading ed-tech nonprofit organization, delivers a comprehensive audiobook learning solution for struggling readers, and students with learning differences, like dyslexia. Students who qualify typically read below grade level, but have the aptitude to be high-level achievers. Teachers rely on Learning Ally to provide a quality reading accommodation and access to grade-level K-12 textbooks, novels, and literature.

Terrie Noland, Learning Ally’s Director of National Educator Engagement says, “Summer reading slide disproportionately effects the children who need to read the most. Our rewards-based program is “ready-to-implement” for teachers. It has popular book choices that students will love, and human narration in our audiobooks transforms each story into a true adventure!”  

Summer Reading Together includes:

  • - A four-part scaffolding ‘take-home’ lesson.
  • - Detailed parent letter describing the program.
  • - Instructions to use Learning Ally’s mobile app.
  • - Grade-appropriate summer reading list to engage all readers.
  • - Tracking card to record reading activity for self-motivation.

Twenty top prizes award students for their efforts and a social media component enters them in a random drawing to win a Chromebook.

This year, over 20,000 student members participated in Learning Ally’s reading engagement programs, including its signature national reading competition – The Great Reading Games.

The nonprofit also recognizes exemplary administrators, teachers and students nominated by their peers with financial scholarships annually.

Learning Ally’s Summer Reading Program begins June 1 and ends August 31, 2018.

Contact Learning Ally at 800-221-1098 and schedule a demo at

About Learning Ally                                                      

Learning Ally is a leading nonprofit ed-tech organization delivering a comprehensive learning solution for struggling readers in elementary, middle and high schools. Our proven solution includes an extensive library of human-read audiobooks that students want and need to read at home and at school, along with a suite of teacher-focused resources that ensure student success. This reading experience helps accelerate learning, enables a new level of access to knowledge and powerfully increases confidence and self-belief.

Learning Ally successfully partners with more than 13,000 U.S. schools, districts and leading state education systems across the country to empower over 300,000 students with improved comprehension, vocabulary, fluency and critical thinking skills. For over 70 years, the organization has helped to transform the lives of struggling readers by bridging the gap between their reading capability and their academic potential to become confident, lifelong learners who thrive in school and beyond.

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