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NEW App Features Aid Educators in Meeting Classroom Goals

Categories: Assistive Technology, Education & Teaching, Learning Ally “How-To Use”

girl with Learning Ally app on tabletWith Learning Ally’s new features in the audiobook reading app, educators can now more easily integrate audiobooks into classroom curriculum and assignments.

Enhanced features allow educators to:

  • Evaluate reader’s critical thinking skills via note sharing capabilities
  • Boost vocabulary and comprehension with in-app dictionary
  • Encourage independence with a customized reading experience

Students Can Show What They Know Directly in Learning Ally's Reading App

Now students can create and share notes allowing them to complete assignments and email teachers directly from the app.

5 ways students from elementary through high school can use note sharing to achieve their classroom goals:

  • Writing Summaries - Teachers can assign students to summarize what they’ve read after specific parts of the story and have students email those summaries back to be graded.
  • Designing Book Reports - Students can note their reflections, mark specific places to go back to including character names and key vocabulary words and then email all those notes to themselves to have a detailed outline perfect for finishing up a book report.
  • Citing Evidence - Students can note each time they notice, for example, figurative language within a chapter and email all those instances directly to their teacher. Teachers can then evaluate the student’s written note about why that particular part of the story was indeed figurative language.
  • Interpreting & Describing - Teachers can assign a section of reading and ask students to describe a character and email their interpretations back to the teacher about why the character responded in a specific way.
  • Completing Research Papers - Students can mark each area they want to quote within a book and email their findings to easily and quickly prep for writing research papers.

Boost Vocabulary and Improve Comprehension at a Grade-Level Pace

Educators know it’s best to teach vocabulary in context. The app now includes a dictionary (BETA)  so students can look up words and automatically mark them to create a vocabulary list for studying and homework assignments. Students can:

  • Mark all the vocabulary words assigned to them and easily study each word’s meaning.
  • Easily look up words to improve their comprehension of grade-level assignments.
  • Use the Learning Ally reading app to manage their workload alongside their peers. Now, they can gain even more time back as they look up words directly within the app.

Customization Puts Students in Control to Ease Reading Experience

Having the power and the choice to select your own font size, the space between the letters and lines, or the text color-just to name a few options-maximizes the student’s reading experience and allows them to discover and advocate for what is necessary for them to learn best.

  • Have fun with colors! Change the highlighting color to a favorite sports team motivates students to read more and builds on their love of reading and foundation for learning.
  • Adjust the spacing and sizes for increased reading stamina to discover and advocate for a personalized reading experience where students learn best.
  • When students decode below grade level, adjusting the speed of the reader helps them complete an entire novel on time. This allows them to engage in discourse with the rest of the class.

Update The App Today and Log In To Get Started

Learning Ally’s reading app is available for students with Learning Ally accounts on computers, phones and tablets. Educators can use the app in many ways based on their classroom and instructional environment. View the strategies by device tips to get more ideas.

Explore all of the ways you can use Learning Ally’s NEW features to make classroom assignments and projects a breeze so your struggling readers can thrive. Share ideas with us on Twitter and tag @Learning_Ally.


Learning Ally is a leading nonprofit edtech organization delivering a comprehensive learning solution for struggling readers in elementary, middle and high schools. Our proven solution includes an extensive library of human-read audiobooks that students want and need to read, along with a suite of teacher-focused resources that ensure student success.

To learn more about how your school or district can support struggling readers with the Learning Ally solution, join a demo or call 800-221-1098 today!

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