Managing Your time Estimating and Actualizing Time Management

Good time management is an important skill for any college student. Between attending class, reading and work for your courses, taking care of needed accommodations, and all that is needed for living life, it is essential that you consider how to fit everything into a day.

Begin thinking about all the things that you do each week. Make a list of those obligations so that you might calculate how long each one takes. For example, you might have a list that looks like this:

  1. Laundry
  2. Walking to campus
  3. Class
  4. Using the Braille embosser
  5. Enlarging materials
  6. Making Lunch
  7. Cooking Dinner
  8. Working with Notetaker or reader
  9. Homework
  10. Appointments

Try to calculate how long each of the items on your list takes. This will help you organize time appropriately without underestimating the amount of time each item takes. For example, you might think that making lunch is only a 10 minute process, when in fact, by the time lunch is made and eaten, 45 minutes have gone by.

After you have come up with your calculations, time yourself. Yes, this is an inconvenience the first time around, but it will help with realistic time management in the future. Once you have recorded all of your actual times, you will be on the road to managing your time more effectively.

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