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Celebrate Recent Graduates by Giving the Gift of Reading

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Cap and DiplomaIt's that time of year again - students across the nation are graduating from high school, college or technical school. For those with learning differences, these accomplishments are especially notable due to overcoming challenges that sometimes may have seemed insurmountable.

"I received a college acceptance letter in the mail today and started thinking. 11 years ago, I  was put in a special education classroom. I was told I was going to repeat first grade because I was not up to the standards of the rest of my peers. I couldn’t read. I thought I wouldn’t even make it through first grade. Now here I am, graduating high school and entering college with academic scholarship offers." ~ Kayla Bruni, Learning Ally member, college Freshman

One unique way to celebrate all those years of hard work is to give back to others. Honor a student you know by giving the gift of reading via a donation to Learning Ally given in your student's name. When you donate, we'll send an e-card to let them know about your contribution. Here's how - simply click below and check the box that says "dedicate my donation in honor or in memory of someone" and then select the e-card you wish to send: Donate Button Congratulations to all of our graduates! We know you'll go on to accomplish many more great things! Learning Ally serves nearly 200,000 students and their parents, and 20,000 educators in nearly 9,000 schools. With over 10 million students in grades K-12 having some type of learning disability the need for Learning Ally services has never been greater. You can make a difference in a student’s life. As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, Learning Ally benefits from the generous support of our donors, volunteers and members. If you want to join our growing donor family, please donate now.