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Student Dyslexia Blog: More than a Number

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We first met Kayla, a high school senior who has dyslexia, back in the fall when she made a video expressing her feelings about upcoming changes. In January, she got some very good news. We are updating her story in this guest blog, written by Kayla herself, along with a new video she did regarding the whole "college entrance numbers game." We hope you find it as inspirational as we do. In her own words:


I received a college acceptance letter in the mail today and started thinking. 11 years ago ... FullSizeRender (7)       - I  was put in a special education classroom.      - I was told I was going to repeat first grade because I was not up to the standards of the rest of my peers.     - I couldn't read.     - I thought I wouldn't even make it through first grade.

Now here I am, graduating high school and entering college with academic scholarship offers.


    I went from a school telling me I was not good enough, to a school giving me money because they think I'm better than good enough.
It's an indescribable feeling when you have come to realize you've overcome your greatest challenge. Dyslexia did not hold me back for long and I have my mother and father to thank for that. God gave me a mind and I wasn't meant to waste it holding myself back by the things people told me I wouldn't be able to do or become. 


To date, Kayla has been accepted to 6 schools with multiple academic scholarship offers. Here is her latest inspirational video about the college entrance numbers game. Enjoy!   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C_kY7-dsypM
Kayla3-225x300 About the author: Kayla is a high school senior from Virginia who is looking forward to all of the opportunities college may bring. She wants to study film making. She has overcome many challenges including dyslexia.