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Singer Carly Simon Gives Advice to Young Kids Who Have Dyslexia

Categories: Disability Type, Learning Disabilities

Dean Bragonier, the enterprising founder of  NoticeAbility, is swimming around Martha’s Vineyard this summer to raise dyslexia awareness. Learning Ally is following his journey with an installment of video blogs to be released after each leg of this 50 mile trip. In his latest blog, Dean's mother in law, the legendary singer/songwriter Carly Simon speaks out about her own dyslexia, as well as her daughter's dyslexia. She also gives this advice to kids who are struggling to read or write:

"I would say make sure that there's something else on the other side that makes you feel really good about yourself. In other words, if you love to swim, if you can draw, do music, if you can make sand castles ...just anything that makes you feel good about the way you're operating ...find something that's compensatory." 

See Dean's latest video blog here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aJapOXqAHIU