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By: Marlene Moyer – English and Social Studies Teacher, South Tahoe Middle School, South Lake Tahoe, CA Peer interaction plays a huge role in our ability to fit into the “norm” at school and feel good about ourselves as learners. When we are learning and feeling proud of our accomplishments, ...

Depending on the technology at your school, you will be able to implement Learning Ally in different ways. Use these guidelines to determine which technology options are best for your students and your classroom. You might also get some new ideas depending on your access to technology!

Edit and send or email this letter to your administrators, faculty and staff to make sure they are aware of your students' achievements and efforts in the Great Reading Games!  

The Learning Ally team picked out exciting titles to get your students started on their Learning Ally adventure. Browse the list with your students to help them find a book on their reading level to get started!

Every student registered with Learning Ally can access their membership at home. Paste this letter on school letterhead (English | Spanish) and send it with the instructions below after you write in student credentials. Parent Instructions: English | Spanish Student Instructions: English | Spanish  

Read our audiobooks on multiple devices including iOS, Android, Chrome, Mac or PC! Download our app and have your student log in to begin reading! Learning Ally Audiobook App Guide to Getting Started (English or Spanish) Learning Ally Audiobook App Keyboard Commands  

Teachers across the nation are discovering how easy it is to help students with print disabilities read, learn and succeed. Share this exciting video on social media, at a meeting, or through email!

Discuss with your students to set a goal to read every day for 20 minutes and share this printable calendar so they can monitor their reading activity and reach a "sunny reading outlook" this summer! Download Attached PDF file

Parent Letter Parent Letter  Parent Letter (Spanish)   Student Letter Student Letter Student Letter (Spanish)  

Classrooms that build in a human voice audiobook collection right alongside the print book are leveling the playing field for students who need additional supports in getting access to classroom content and curriculum. Read and share this reading skill development chart, to understand how human-read audiobooks directly support reading ...