Learning Ally's Reading Tutor Network

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Proper training and a good fit with your child matter most.

With proper instruction, people with dyslexia can learn to read. The tutors in our network are specially trained in literacy programs developed specifically to help dyslexics improve their reading skills.

What to Look for in a Reading Tutor

Our Reading Tutor Network includes only tutors who have been trained in multisensory structured language (MSL) instruction – the most effective approach for helping dyslexics learn to read. This is the first comprehensive national directory of reading tutors trained in multisensory structured language (MSL) instruction by the country’s leading training and certification organizations.

We know this approach is critical because it specifically addresses the challenges that people with dyslexia face when learning to read, it’s endorsed by experts, and our members report high levels of success with it.

Learning Ally recognizes that parents have many factors to consider besides training when selecting a reading tutor for their child. Most important is whether you see a good fit and quality of interaction between the tutor and your child. That chemistry is critical for engaging your child so they are willing to put forth the effort necessary for success. And as a parent, you will have to balance your own logistical and pocketbook considerations as well. Our "Tip Sheet: How to Find the Right Reading Tutor" outlines questions you can ask a prospective tutor and help you think through who is the best match for your situation.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Reading Tutors for Those with Dyslexia

Browse our list of frequently asked questions and get the answers you need to get started.

Are you a tutor?

Would you like to join our reading tutor network? As a member of our network, your name will made available to parents looking for a reading tutor for their dyslexic child. In addition, you will receive our monthly e-newsletter and a sample Learning Ally membership so that you can more easily show your students how to use our human-read audiobooks.

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Why a Reading Tutor Network?

Learning Ally created this comprehensive directory so you could have the confidence to know that the person you choose is properly trained and qualified.

The reading tutors in Learning Ally’s network have been trained or certified through at least one organization that teaches MSL instruction. The result is a broad-based geographically diverse list that offers a one-stop experience for parents who are looking for the best reading instruction for their dyslexic child.

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