Adrianna Mowrer Perkiomenville, PA

Winner of Marion Huber Learning Through Listening Winners

Adrianna Mowrer

Adrianna struggled in school as an early learner, seeking solace in her 4H activities away from the pressures of the classroom. Because of the severity of her dyslexia, she constantly felt unintelligent and expected to fail. Her aspiration of having a career in the field of veterinarian medicine appeared impossible. In junior high she was introduced to assistive technology, and became a Learning Ally member. “Audiobooks allowed me to overcome my barrier of dyslexia and access written material. I became an equal in the classroom and I finally had confidence,” says Adrianna. She not only became an avid reader, but read at advanced levels. In high school her English teacher encouraged her to apply to college. She received acceptances to not only one, but all of her “reach schools.” She is now a freshman at Penn State, majoring in animal science with the aspiration of attending veterinary medicine school. “Having the freedom to access the world of learning through the accommodations made possible by Learning Ally, removes boundaries that dyslexia presents", she says. “I look forward to my continued success as a student and hopefully as a veterinarian - a thought I once believed to be an impossible dream.”