Welcome Learning Ally Educators and Champions of Reading Engagement (CORE) Teams!

Get everything you need as a CORE team to help students thrive with the Learning Ally audiobook solution.

We’re so glad you are here. It's Learning Ally's goal to give struggling readers in your school equitable access to grade-level content and help students become confident, empowered learners. 

Your CORE team works together to get students reading and sets goals to:

  • Achieve wide-scale adoption - add unlimited educators from your school
  • Create student accounts for at least 20% of your population
  • Build a culture of goal-setting readers and progress monitoring teachers

Celebrate reading success as struggling readers transform into grade-level achievers!


Check out each section below to find everything you need to get students reading or watch quick-start videos.



Learning Ally will help you every step of the way. The following resources will help you understand about your role or Learning Ally:

Technical Readiness

Students will use technology to access Learning Ally audiobooks anytime/anywhere. The IT specialist on the CORE team will:

  • Review the Learning Ally IT guide to make sure all devices are ready for students.
  • Confirm that educators are receiving email communications that provide ongoing support from Learning Ally and not blocked by email filters.

Link Reading App

Learning Ally’s reading app Link is a powerful yet simple app solution that can transform the reading and learning experience for students who struggle to read. Members have access to over 80,000 human-read audiobooks including textbooks, fiction and classic literature through the reading app.

To get started with Link:

  • On a smartphone, tablet or computer: Download this quick guide for simple steps on how to install and use Link.



Learning Ally supports struggling readers. At least 20% of your students may be eligible for Learning Ally:

  • Review the Eligibility guide to familiarize yourself with the four categories of eligibility.
  • Complete the Goal Setting and Development Plan to identify all students who qualify.
  • Coordinate with the person on your team who is the Learning Ally Master Administrator to identify who at your school will be responsible for enrolling and certifying students.
  • Get tips on best practices for assigning roles in Learning Ally's Educator Portal.

Build Awareness of Learning Ally at Your School

Before you register teachers for Learning Ally, consider personalizing the following text to send as an introductory email to all teachers in your school so they know what to expect:

Subject: Our school has access to Learning Ally human-read audiobooks!

Dear Colleague,

I’m excited to introduce you to Learning Ally, our school partner in helping struggling readers improve academic and social-emotional outcomes. When you receive your login credentials you will get a customized Launch Plan to help you get started. As a Champion of Reading Engagement/CORE team member, I’m here to help you if you have any questions. You can watch this short video to learn more

Register Teachers


All teachers who interact with struggling readers can be registered for accounts with Learning Ally.

To add educators, you need to have an Administrator role in Learning Ally's Educator Portal. Watch this video to learn about the different educator portal roles.

If you need to register more than 100 teachers, please contact your Learning Ally representative.

Register Students

At least 20% of your student population may be eligible for Learning Ally. Any registered educator can add students in the Learning Ally educator portal. Registered educators with the Certifier role are responsible for certifying students who are eligible for the Learning Ally solution.

If you need to register more than 100 students, please contact your Learning Ally representative.

Inform Parents about Learning Ally


Parents are key partners in the success of students who struggle to read. Learning Ally is an essential resource for students both in school and at home. Share the following resources with parents to ensure that they have what they need to support their child’s learning:

Goals and Metrics

Learning Ally is committed to ensuring your students’ success. Based on research and our experience with more than 10,000 schools, we know that students who Read With Frequency (at least 33 days) will see improved academic and social-emotional outcomes. Throughout our partnership, you will have access to data which describes your students’ progress. Use the following goals to guide your progress:

  • Identify and register at least 20% of your school’s total enrollment.
  • Within the first 60 days get at least 10 students registered, 10 students reading and 2 students Reading With Frequency (at least 33 days).
  • Continue to add students and encourage reading until you have achieved at least:
    • 20% of your students registered
    • 80% of your students reading
    • 20% of your students Reading With Frequency

Professional Learning and Product Support


Learning Ally is dedicated to supporting educator professional learning throughout our partnership. Links to supporting videos and resources are included on this page to support you as a CORE team member. Professional Learning for participating educators is embedded within their customized launch plans to support their learning. The following resources will help you should you have additional questions about professional learning or if you are interested in earning CEUs. You may wish to share these with participating teachers:

We're here to help.

Customer Success

Need help? Contact us at 800-221-4792 or email CustSuccess@LearningAlly.org.