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Webinar: Multi-Sensory Reading Comprehension Strategies

Categories: Education & Teaching, Webinars

Learning Ally partnered with the Institute for Multi-Sensory Education to present a comprehension workshop giving practical, research-based, multi-sensory strategies to implement in the classroom. This webinar includes an introduction to Reciprocal Teaching developed by Palincsar and Brown. Interactive strategies include text to self, narrative elements booklet, flip charts and more. The reciprocal teaching portion focuses on the “Fab Four” components. Each component has a character, hand gesture, and symbol that goes along with it. The webinar introduces the fun characters that will support comprehension for students. ·       Predict:  Paul the Predictor ·       Questioning:  Quincy the Questioner ·       Clarifying:  Clara the Clarifier ·       Summarizing:  Sammy the Summarizer  
Jeanne JeupMrs. Jeanne Jeup is the Co-Founder and Supervisor of Instruction at the Institute for Multi-Sensory Education (IMSE). Mrs. Jeup, along with Bronwyn Hain, founded the Institute in 1995 using a modified and expanded Orton-Gillingham approach to teaching reading. Their vision was to be able to reach out to general education teachers, grades K-3, to give them a tool to teach reading with a direct, multi-sensory approach, with an ultimate goal to decrease the number of referrals to special education. The approach is also widely used by intervention specialists, reading coaches, parents, ELL tutors, and other educators who desire an effective tool to teach individuals how to read. Helen BrandonMs. Helen Brandon came to the Institute for Multi-Sensory Education (IMSE) after more than twenty years of teaching experience. She was a primary educator for ten years in first, second, and third grades at Vendenberg Elementary School in the South Redford School District. For thirteen years, she owned and operated her own private tutoring business. Helen was trained in the Orton-Gillingham method by IMSE in 1998 and then went on to use it with great success with her tutoring students and with the classroom. Since coming to IMSE, Helen has trained hundreds of educators around the country. She also works closely with IMSE Certification applicants in using IMSE’s program with fidelity. Find more events like this in our educator webinar series.