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Webinar: How to Make Audio a Killer App in the Classroom

Categories: Education & Teaching, Webinars

Bill Keeney of the Delaware Valley Friends School joined Learning Ally on 12/9 for a webinar focusing on strategies for teachers to use audio in the classroom. Keeney discussed why audio is the killer app for his students and how he ensures it becomes a powerful tool for reading. "Teaching with audio is just good teaching," explained Keeney. "Audio is a supplement, not a substitute." He described why audio is important and how educators can introduce it in the classroom to empower students to use it habitually. During this free webinar, Keeney discussed:

  • Myths and truths about using audio in the classroom
  • Which students will benefit the most from audio
  • Strategies to ensure students become avid audio users
  • Tips for instructing students to use audio affectively

View the webinar.

Download the presentation slides.

About the Presenter:

keeneyWilliam (Bill) Keeney, PhD, CALP, is a long-time master teacher and instructional leader at Delaware Valley Friends School, a school located on Philadelphia’s Main Line for bright, college-bound students grades 6-12 who learn differently. Bill has BA from Columbia University, a Masters in Creative Writing from Boston University, and a PhD in English from Boston University. He has made it his mission to find ways to appropriately educate all students. He has presented at regional and national workshops, directed professional development workshops at many schools, and still teaches every day in his 11th grade English classroom.