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Volunteer Tip: Edit Points

Categories: Volunteerism

Edit Points Our experience over many years of producing audiobooks led us to realize that problems often occur around “edit points," i.e. areas where the reader backed up and corrected something or where they fixed the recording later. Some studios previously marked in the physical book where they made edits so that someone could check the recording quality later. EasyBooks now makes that simple too! The aqua vertical lines in the above screenshot show where edits were made. Paying particular attention to these areas during quality checking is important. You can turn on the ability to see the edit points with the Show Edits check box circled in red. Note that this feature is only available for projects in Google Drive (the project will have a Google Drive icon beside it in the project list) and projects on the local server will have the Show Edits check box grayed out. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask your local or virtual studio director.