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Tom and Bette McNeely: Supporters and Vehicle Donors

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Tom and BetteRecently, long-term Learning Ally volunteer Tom McNeely retired from a life-long career as an attorney. He no longer drives, so he and his wife, Bette decided to seek out an easy way to put their no-longer-needed vehicle to good use. Education is important to both Tom and Bette. Tom has been volunteering at the Athens Studio for over 10 years as a quality control specialist. "We could’ve gone through the hassle of selling it ourselves but we didn’t want to deal with strangers," says Bette. "To be honest, any of the proceeds we received from the sale of our vehicle would have been donated to a cause that is near and dear to us anyway." So, they made the decision to support student success by donating their car to Learning Ally. "Since Tom volunteered for so long, we asked Stacie, our Athens Studio Director, if Learning Ally accepts vehicle donations. Stacie sent me a link, we went online, filled out a form, hit submit, and someone came to pick up the vehicle a week later. The process was safe, quick, and easy. Our old car is now going to make a positive impact in a student’s life.” Thank you so much, Mr. and Mrs. McNeely! Our students will greatly benefit from and appreciate your generosity! Learning Ally LogoYou too can make a positive impact in the life of a dyslexic, blind, or visually-impaired student. Join Tom and Bette in supporting Learning Ally’s mission; visit Learning Ally Car Donation Wizard and donate a car, motorcycle, or boat today!