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"Keys to a Bigger, Better World"

Categories: Audiobook Library, Learning Disabilities, Parenting

Learning Ally Audio App When toy expert and mom-blogger Jenn Choi wrote a guide to some of the best children's books of 2013 on her site, Toys Are Tools, we were honored by her review of Learning Ally and even more delighted to have been able to help her dyslexic son (pictured at right accessing a Harry Potter book on his tablet device). Here's part of what Jenn had to say: "I am not sure if I am dyslexic but it should be said right now that I'm not big on reading. I have two children and one of them is not big on reading either. But guess what: they both love stories.  This year, thanks to a referral from a special educator/mom to a dyslexic child, I heard about Learning Ally and it has rocked our world. Learning Ally used to be called Recording for the Blind and Dyslexic. I am not sure when they changed their name but they are my ally for sure. This is the way that my son can read books that interest him because there is pretty much no such thing as a 'High Interest-Low Level' book (I hate that term). Maybe a book of poems could work, but that's about it. "Seriously, it's the best thing ever.  A year's membership with unlimited audiobook downloads costs about as much as three audiobooks on Amazon. That's crazy but crazy can save lives. "Learning Ally should really be called Keys to a Bigger Better World because my child fell in love with Harry Potter this year. He listened to all the books and then he watched all the movies. It used to be part of his bedtime routine until he became just more and more riveted and then we had to put a stop to that. But seriously, one could have worse 'problems.'" Knowing that unlimited audiobook downloads are only as good as the books you choose, we recommend checking out Jenn's article with a splendid array of book suggestions for the kiddos in your life.