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A Symbol for Dyslexia that Gives Back

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"Instead of trying to define dyslexia, I turned back to the commonplace myth that it is only reading backwards or in mirror image. This stylized design is inspired by the seamless dimensions of the letters p q b d, contained within an endless circle, and ready to break out." Rebecca and sonRebecca Warner, a mother and advocate, knew she wanted to create a universal symbol for awareness. She knew this was needed because she, herself, originally misunderstood what it means to be dyslexic when her own son was diagnosed. "I rolled up my sleeves, bought some flash cards, lined up some tutoring, and prepared to "fix" my quiet son of what I misunderstood as simply reading backwards (or was it in mirror images?)," says Warner. Like so many others, she soon realized dyslexia is very different than the common stereotypes. "I began researching, talking to specialists, and meeting for coffee with other parents," remembers Warner. "What I learned was my own epiphany. His struggle with decoding letters indicated a unique difference in learning... and what an amazing mind it is!" SymbolA designer, Rebecca wanted to create a symbol that would be meaningful for those on this journey. "As much as I wanted to explain dyslexia, I found myself reflecting back on my own darker days before the light of understanding." So, she began working on a symbol that will spark conversation and be used as gifts for parents, advocates, teachers and tutors. Kids with SymbolShe hopes this design will become a universal symbol for dyslexia, and she's encouraged it's already catching on! Kids across the nation are wearing the symbol on their arms to show their strength, or painting it at Decoding Dyslexia events. It's so simple, and sparks conversations. What's more, 20% of all sales for 2016-17 will go back to the non-profit organization Learning Ally, which aims to help student with print disabilities, like dyslexia, access grade-level text and feel connected to one another. Check out Rebecca's website for more information: PQBD.com  and use the code "Learning Ally" to make sure your percentage gets to us.