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Mastering Your Own College Education: Study Tips for Students Who Learn Differently

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With our tech-obsessed society becoming more and more fast-paced, college students have a wide array of options. However, sometimes it can be beneficial for students with learning disabilities to slow down, especially when it comes to studying for college exams. Whether students attend a traditional brick and mortar school or complete courses online, they can choose any method of study that fits their busy schedules.  Here are some ideas to keep your study time efficient and effective.

Studying in Increments

College StudentMost people will tell you that it's not good to cram the day before a big exam, and that is especially true for students with learning differences. Just as extra-time accommodations level the playing field on exams, spacing your studying out over time will give you an edge in the classroom. Students can take in small blocks of information within a few days, or studying in chunks as the course continues. Make sure you really focus on the material and absorb the facts and meanings behind them. This is a great way to study for mathematics or engineering material, especially if you are working toward a masters in civil engineering online or in your college.

Where You Study Matters

Some people may not think of their environment much when pulling out a textbook, but the place you study in is just as important as how you study. Be sure to pick a quiet place to study for your exams. Good areas to get in some efficient study time are quiet offices, coffee shops, the library, or even your bedroom (as long as no one else is around and your door is closed). Don't try to study in the main living room of your home if you have roommates, and crowded supermarkets or restaurants are also bad places due to the many distractions they house.

Flash Cards

flash cardsFlash cards are a short, great, and to-the-point way to retain information when you're studying for your next exam. You can typically write questions on the front of the card and the answers on the back, allowing a friend to read them to you. These are great ways to keep your memory fresh especially when it comes to important information. It's a great way to cover only the most crucial material that should appear in the exam. Remember that these are only a few methods of studying for on-the-go students. Many other methods may also work just as well. All students, but especially those with learning disabilities, must remember that it's important to always study for a big exam, and not at the last minute. It's always important to study for at least a few hours for several days in order to properly prepare for any important exam.   Eileen in a SweaterEileen O'Shanassy is a freelance writer and blogger based out of Flagstaff, AZ. She writes on a variety of topics and loves to research and write. She enjoys baking, biking, and kayaking. Check out her Twitter @eileenoshanassy. For more information on studying for higher education like a civil engineering masters degree be sure to talk to counselor at your college.