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Specialist of the Month: Dr. Melyssa Higgins, Licensed Psychologist

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Dr. HigginsDr. Melyssa Higgins is a Licensed Psychologist and Educational Consultant in the Seattle, Washington area. At ABCD, Inc, Higgins specializes in the evaluation of learning and attention disorders. She's also the August 2016 Learning Ally Specialist of the Month. Congratulations, Dr. Higgins! She gave the following advice to parents who may have a child who is struggling with reading, writing or spelling:  "If you suspect that your child is struggling with learning to read and spell, trust your instincts and seek out a consultation with a psychologist or a speech-language pathologist who has experience in treating literacy delays. "While you're doing that, make sure to read to your children and/or listen to audiobooks with them every day--even after they are able to read on their own. This is extremely important for vocabulary growth. I encourage students with dyslexia of all ages to utilize the audiobooks that are available through Learning Ally. They allow kids to read a much wider range of books with less time and effort. "The most rewarding aspect of my career is that I am able to see children at regular intervals throughout their education. I enjoy watching these kids grow up, and it’s inspiring to see them improve and reach their goals." Thank you, Dr. Higgins, for your hard work helping students!  Learning Ally LogoIf you would like more information about the services provided by Learning Ally, including a library of more than 82,000 human-narrated audiobooks, please log onto LearningAlly.org.