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Today my Son Graduates from Dyslexia Tutoring

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By Michelle Christine, Guest Blogger, Mother Tonight I will walk into the Children’s Dyslexia Center, sit in the chair and wait for my youngest child to work with his amazing tutor Kim. Tonight is different. Tonight is the last night. I have made my way to the center for 5 years. We have gone sick, tired, in the Tutor with boyssnow, during the summer, while sporting events were going on, during activities at school. I’ve had to tell my children for five years they cannot attend events on Tuesdays and Thursdays because of the commitment we’ve made. Both boys have always been brave and strong when I have told them the answer is no on tutor nights. Tonight marks a point in our lives that we have worked hard to get to. I won’t lie to you, often I would be driving to the center and I would think about how hard it was for me. Then I would look in the mirror at Logan who was quietly sitting in the back seat still in his cleats, leaving baseball practice early on a warm summer night and I would be reminded of who was working hard. I would pause at the ethic my child has and know that it was merely my job as a parent to help get him to his goals in life. 
 I reflect on what the Center means to me; to my children. To put it best it saved a child’s life; it gave children a voice.
Mom with 2 SonsThe center has empowered a family to never back down to the system and to NEVER believe that your child is anything other than amazing and brilliant. It’s so much more than a place that allowed my children to read and to decode the English language. Within those walls they hold heroes. Those heroes embrace the cast offs from the educational system and bring them into the fold of heroes. The children that walk into the doors at the center almost always walk in broken and depressed. Those same children walk out with smiles of accomplishment and heads held high. Tonight I will walk in for the last time, sit in the chair and wait for my youngest HERO to work with his amazing tutor Kim. Tonight is different! They are no longer broken or depressed, no longer the cast off of the educational system. Tonight they are both my HEROES! I am Blessed!